Head of Regulatory Affairs

Key responsibilities: 

  • Technical: Ensure quality control of the work according to the scope and in collaboration with the Operation Manager.

  • Control: respect of deadline and ensure the report will meet the client expectations in terms of quality, accuracy and compliance of the answer vs the request.

  • Performance: Implement & monitor KPIs to insure control of the quality, accuracy and respect of deadlines.

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Daniel Kadunce
Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO you will:

Lead Strategy & Growth

  • Set the vision for the company, and define the overall strategy from launch to scale, and long-term goals and strategies

  • Experience in leading outside venture or strategic funding, including collaborating with Co-Founders of Parent Company and stakeholders

  • Identify opportunities and challenges, with ongoing evaluation of product, operations and market/industry to mitigate impediments and drive success

  • Identify and build partnerships across the venture’s ecosystem and target markets

  • Manage competition and threats in the marketplace, with constant evaluation of financial structure, capital strategy & strategic priorities

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Daniel Kadunce
Head of Business Development


The main responsibilities of this role include but are not limited to the following:

  • Work with all Managing Directors to drive business across various countries in the APAC region.

  • Responsible for business development for new client generation, capabilities presentations and bid defenses.

  • Development, oversight and roll-out of diverse strategic initiatives supporting Client’s digital platform for clinical trials.

  • Serve as a member of the Senior Management Team (SMT), providing strategic direction for the company, developing innovative solutions issues and risks and supporting key strategies and objectives.

Communicate effectively with Executive Leadership Team to ensure effective priority setting, budgeting and resource deployment.

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VP of Clinical Operations

The Vice President of Clinical Operations will lead all Clinical Development Operations to achieve program objectives and ensure all successful completion of all clinical trials and related clinical trial milestones within established timelines and budgets. The Vice President will oversee the development of study protocols, clinical study execution, submissions, patient recruitment, and clinical study monitoring, clinical compliance, SOP’s, safety evaluations, preparation of statistical analysis and study data reports, data and vendor management. In addition, the Vice President will play a leadership role internally and with external stakeholders.

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